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My fiance and I just spent an evening at Stefano's and it was an amazing dining experience. As a first time diner, I was impressed with the interior and very surprised by it as well. I have driven by the restaurant many times and never expected what I found when I entered the door. The menu was more than impressive and the food did not disappoint. In fact the food was wonderful. Surprisingly, the delicious food was not the best part of the meal. Our table was waited on by Maurice and he could not have been better. He was more than patient with me when I could not decide what to eat and was able to suggest a dinner when he saw me struggling. I have fallen in love with Stefano's because of it's delectable food and wonderful people who work there. Thank you for making my date with the girl I love special!
- Happy Customer, Dan H.

I had Stefano's cater a surprise 50th anniversary party for my in-laws. We had 60 guests with a menu of appetizers, lasagna and tortellini. I could not have been more pleased. The food was excellent. The service impeccable and I thought the price was an excellent value! My thanks to Steve and Anna for a perfect day for my family.
- Mark, Myrtle Beach, SC

I had the pleasure of dining at Stefano's a month or so ago. I was very pleased with Stefano's family atmosphere and their delicious cuisine. I felt like I had taken a step into Italy. Thank you for the wonderful food and the friendly service.
- Lin, Charlotte, NC

Stefano's is my favorite Italian restaurant. Everything from the pizza, pasta and hoagies are outstanding. Trust me, you can't go wrong with anything you order. The atmosphere is intimate, yet very friendly, where the owners will help greet and serve you. If you want a truly authentic and great-tasting Italian meal you need to go to Stefano's.
- Eric, Florence, SC

Great food and great service. The best Philly cheese steak south of Philadelphia!
- Bill, Florence, SC

Every meal is a pleasure at Stefanos. Not only is the food delicious, but also the atmosphere is delightful and the servers and staff are friendly, knowledgable, and efficient. I have never been disappointed.
- Marilynn

My wife and I enjoy dining frequently at Stefano's. The food is always tasty, and the service is outstanding! Their salads are second to none in the area. We have been very pleased when using the restaurant for special celebrations, as well as, their catering service.
- Charles, Florence, SC

I love your linguine with white clam sauce. It is not at any other place that can beat it. Thanks for the best Italian food around!
- Michelle, Florence, SC

My husband and I recently moved to Florence from Raleigh with our two small children. We are both of Italian Heritage and grew up outside Rochester, NY. I have lived in Atlanta, Washington, DC, Raleigh and also in Boston, eaten many times in the famous North End, and never have I had a better Italian meal! Those of us who are Italian and from Rochester, NY compare everything to a now closed but once Rochester landmark called Mario's. Eating at Stefano's took me back in time to eating at Mario's in my youth and it was wonderful! Can't wait to bring my mother for the Canneloni!
- Brooke, Florence, SC

My wife and I relocated to South Carolina from Connecticut just over 3 years ago. Where we lived in Connecticut, there were a number of good Italian restaurants. We had diffculty finding a good Italian restaurant in the vicinity of our home in Manning, SC. Friends of our's told us about Stefano's. I can't tell you how pleasantly surprised we were. Our first time there, I ordered linguini with oil, garlic, and anchovies. Not only was the dish excellent, I was just surprised I was able to order it!!!! Since then my wife and I have been there a number of times for dinner and always come away very satisified. The decor, service, food, and pleasant atompshere is outstanding. Thank you again for providing excellent Italian food. See you soon.
- Tom D, Manning, SC

Stefano's is my favorite restaraunt. We go there once about every week. Their spaghetti Capaline is fantastic I also love the house salad with their homemade ranch dressing and their garlic bread is the best. My family and I have been to so many Italian restaurants (NYC, Colorado, Paris, Florida and even a lot here in SC, Maine, Massachusetts, Boston, North Carolina). The point is, as you can see, we have basically been around the world and I mean no other Italian restraunt is better than Stefano's. So I just love it, like when we were in Paris, we ate at this nice cute little Italian restaurant in the Latin quarter and we always looked at each other and say, "Not as good as Stefano's". Out of a 1-10 we give it a ten. Every other Italian restaraunt 7 or lower. The only other one to come close to it was the one in Paris with an 8. My family and I just love Stefanos. It's a fabulous admospere and everything. I will always recommend Stefano's!!!!!!!
- Hannah G, SC

I live in Florence, on the West side between Florence and Darlington. My wife and I will travel to South Florence for nothing but the best in real authentic Italian food. We do this about once a week sometimes once every two weeks, depending on our schedules. We try to get there for the "lunch special" and rarely eat out after 5PM. We are retired but work heavily with our church. The food at Stefano's is first class, five-star, AAAAA rated in taste and portions. The staff is super friendly and very helpful. The Red sauce is similar to what I make at home, in fact so much, that I have not made any at home in over a year. Their Meatballs are very close to what I make, except mine are bigger and have more sausage in the mixture. There Pizzaialo is to die for. I personally recommend Stefano's, and that comes from one who was born and raised in a Italian family from New York.
- George P, Florence, SC

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